Detroit Riverfront Sculpture Park

DETROIT, MI.- William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor received a significant addition this summer. Since June 4, the artist John Sauvé has been on site at the park to supervise the installation of Seinsfrage; one of his monumental new works. The sculpture will have an overwhelming impact on the William Milliken State Park and will transform the City of Detroit’s Riverfront. 

Sauvé is known for using stainless steel to make monumental forms. The Seinsfrage sculpture is part of his “Man in the City” series. Working with his team and engineer, the artist will closely supervise the installation of a massive, unique public work for the Detroit Riverfront, and the entire community. Speaking about the installation, Park Director Luba Sitar said, "This is a spectacular addition to William Milliken State Park. We are delighted to bring the work of such a preeminent American sculptor to the Detroit Riverfront. Sauvé’s work has such force and such impact, I think it will be enjoyed by the community for years to come." 

Art Historian Gina Dominique states, " John Sauvé is an artist’s artist, in terms of creating immense, complex objects with tangible physical presence. This sculpture will transform the landscape while at the same time tying in beautifully with—and offering another chapter to—the City of Detroit’s existing collection of public art such as Alexander Calder, Louise Nevelson, and Tony Smith." 

In 2010 John Sauvé’s artwork was commissioned by the Marc Ecko Foundation to be the first public sculpture exhibit installed on New York City’s Highline. As part of the 2011 Art Chicago Sculpture Exhibit, Sauvé’s sculpture is located in front of the Merchandise Mart in Downtown Chicago. He lives and works in Brighton, Michigan. 

The completed sculpture will be dramatically lit at night on the North end of the park. The formal lighting will take place on July 14, 2011 after the Sculpture Park fundraising event at the Atwater Block Brewery.