Mobile Production Studio


In a tough economy funding for the arts is the first to get cut.  School districts around the nation are discontinuing their arts education programs. Cutting these programs will significantly hinder student development. The art curriculum is critically important to the development of thinking skills and a better understanding of the world.  Students do not all learn at the same pace or in the same way and arts education can mean the difference between being inspired and dropping out of school. The Sauvé Art Foundation is creating a Mobile Production Studio bringing arts education to the community. The Mobile Production Studio process gives children the opportunity to work together in a collaborative setting. The children learn about creative thinking and the discipline of working in film. More importantly, they find fulfillment in the "pursuit of the extraordinary" by what they create together.    
Film Education gives children an opportunity to work collaboratively. The Mobile Production Studio was designed as a place where young filmmakers can be mentored. It serves as a safe and nurturing place for them to develop their talent. Working collaboratively, the students rotate jobs to eliminate the feeling of who is director, editor, actor ... They also attend each of their classmate's films to help develop a sense of community and learn new perspectives.  This strives to reach every child regardless of geographic, religious, ethnic, philosophical, socioeconomic status or physical abilities. It helps children develop discipline, motivates them to believe in themselves, and sets the bar high by commanding a standard of excellence from each child. The goal is not necessarily to create great filmmakers. It's about using the craft as a benchmark for achieving other endeavors in their lives and developing leadership skills. The fear of making a mistake
is a great obstacle for any child and that's why many arts education leaders cited risk taking as a skill arts education teaches. It is considered a primary goal of a quality arts program.  Arts professionals agree that overcoming fear and insecurity is crucial for any discipline. In fact, experts say it is a valuable skill for people of all walks of life. The skills discussed in the Mobile Production Studio can have a positive, long-term impact. They are all necessary for our children to possess as they mature into young adults, continue on to colleges and universities, and move into our American workforce. Let's help ensure arts education is included in the lives of the children for whom we care.
The Sauvé Art Foundation is teaming up with the Boys and Girls club and local public libraries to bring a mobile, state-of-the-art, digital production studio to K-12 students. This is part of the Sauvé Art Foundations expanding K-12 Arts Education Outreach program designed to provide children hands-on opportunities in a broad spectrum of arts experiences.  Every child is given the opportunity to participate in every aspect of film making. The Mobile Production Studio strives to go beyond training good film makers. It also provides the opportunity for students to use the components of film training to develop a confidence they can translate to all areas of their lives.

Students will, through the use of the high-tech equipment, participate in all aspects of the digital movie-making process.  The studio, or Mobile Production Studio, will come with all of the necessary equipment - iMac workstations, digital video cameras, microphone kits as well as professional video and audio editing software and DVD production equipment.  The students, who first create and break into production teams, work on all aspects of the digital media creation process - from conceptualizing, writing and filming their stories to final editing, which can include voiceover, narration and music.

The Mobile Film Classroom is provided by Sauvé Art Foundation for Film Education.  Its revolutionary Mobile Production Studio program also provides highly trained instructors who follow standards-based curriculum.  They guide students from conception to final production on projects that, for example, help to facilitate dialogue on subjects that affect their school, peer groups or society.  The Mobile Production Studio will encourage students to get outdoors and explore their world through film.

"We are delighted to be able to bring this special outreach opportunity to local students," said John Sauvé, Managing Director of the Sauvé Art Foundation. "We can't wait to see the final product of the students' creative work. This extraordinary program," stressed Sauvé, "is part of the Sauvé Art Foundations continuing effort to bring unique and relevant arts-based educational opportunities to students through public art."

The Sauvé Art Foundation Mobile Film Classroom will be working with area elementary, middle and high school students, providing its services to students, no matter their socio-economic status or available resources, so that they have access to state-of-the-art digital media equipment and professional media instruction.  The Mobile Production Studio serves as a resource for the students and the community to enhance classroom learning programs focusing on learning to look at how art builds transferable skills and enriches a lifetime of learning in children the value of arts education in strengthening academic achievement.  In talking about art with their peers, students learn to think creatively, independently and to respect the ideas of others. They learn to provide evidence for their ideas, to remain open to multiple possibilities, and to trust their own abilities to find meaning in the unfamiliar.