SHAR Foundation

This will "anchor" the community and immediately showcase the investment and commitment made to the neighborhood. For this we have partnered with nationally acclaimed sculptor John Sauve and his innovative student-geared program titled "Man in the City". He has successfully led youngsters in similar city revitalization plans and is confident in his ability to attract quality artists and engage the community in the process.

Mr. Sauve's "Man in the City" program comprises sitespecific work where students from Detroit Public Schools will direct all aspects of the art project - from concept to finished installation. Students will learn about public art, landscape architecture, photography, film, writing and, most importantly, achieving a goal. They will develop a plan for the installation of 26 large scale sculptures for the pathways and sidewalks located in the Recovery Park area.

Throughout the process students will develop a better understanding of their community and build transferable skills. Mr. Sauve will also present an educationalprogram designed around the Man in the City project to Detroit PublicSchools. A curriculum will be developed to emphasize the above elements and transferable skill sets.