Heidelberg Project





Detroit, The artistic team at the Heidelberg Project have invited the Boys and Girls Clubs of Oakland County and the Sauvé Art Foundation to present their "Man in the City" sculpture project @ the CONNECT THE DOTS FESTIVAL to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Heidelberg Project. This day long festival will feature music and poetry at the art stations featuring the diverse work of local artists; a children's corner with Duffield Elementary School's Chess Club and other activities. The day will end with a lightshow "parade of dots" by Bunch Elementary summer school children. The "Man in the City" project consists of 40 large scale sculptures that were created by the Boys and Girls club member artists over the last year.The "Man in the City" sculpture project has given the Boys and Girls Club members an opportunity to work with various artists on this collaborative project under the direction of artist John Sauvé. The "Man in the City" project has served as the gateway to artistic _expression for a large number of Oakland County area youth. Whether it's through painting, sculpture, field trips, creative writing or the media arts, The "Man in the City" project helps Boys & Girls Club members with a way to connect with their creativity and their community. Works created by Club members were exhibited throughout Royal Oak during "Clay and Glass" festival and will be moved to various locations throughout the Oakland County following the CONNECT THE DOTS FESTIVAL.