Brighton Area Schools







"This is really the kids' hallway," said Sauvé, an artist who created the Brighton Biennial outdoor sculpture exhibition in downtown Brighton. Sauvé also runs the Sauvé Art Foundation, a nonprofit institution that sponsors public sculpture exhibits, film festivals, performances and educational programs.  Sauvé said art classes help students develop their critical thinking skills, which will benefit them the rest of their lives. However, he said, art classes aren't always appreciated. He noted art classes are often the first ones cut in times of tight budgets.  Sauvé said students discover their creativity and freedom of thought in these classes. Even if students do not pursue a career in the arts, Sauvé said, these classes spark creativity in young minds and encourage them to "think outside the box."  He said this skill is very useful in a world that is not black and white.  "The world is gray," Sauvé said. "In world judged by MEAP Scores, The arts give back in unquantifiable ways."