Terese Ireland


"Terese Ireland"


Tersese Ireland is the Excutive Director of  Pewabic Pottery.   In Detroit, Pewabic Pottery has become a long-lasting brand. It stands for work that's handmade and beautiful, decorative and useful. When Mary Chase Stratton opened her Pewabic Pottery studio, Henry Ford was gearing up to create a speedy assembly line and mass produce cars. Her impulse was the opposite -- to create handmade pottery that was beautiful, special and affordable.  Today, Pewabic sells its ceramic mugs, tiles and vases over the Internet, as well as at the studio gallery. But our desire for its beautiful, singular objects now resonates with 106 years of history.  "We sing for our supper every single day," Ireland says of Pewabic's $2.4 million budget, and its outreach to schools and community centers in the city.



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